Work History:

General Manager (August 2013 – May 2014)
DJ (September 2010 – May 2014)
Program Director (August 2012 – May 2013)
Social Media and Promotions Director (August 2011 – May 2012)
Assistant Events Director (January – May 2011)
Assistant Music Director (September 2010 – May 2011)


My degree is in magazine journalism and photojournalism, but I still enjoyed using InDesign to create fliers for various events at Black Squirrel Radio as a whole and on my own personal shows. See some examples below (arranged from most recent first and oldest last).




William Beckett
Set It Off
The Composure
The Product
The Promise Hero



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Black Squirrel Radio gathered acorns in the Fall of 2013 and turned them into ornaments (or acornaments to sell and help fund our student-run business. This was a mock infomercial made to help promote them.


> > > > >
Sometimes touring acts passed through when we didn’t have normal programming or a show on-air to fit their genre. Instead of passing up the interview, we launched a “Couch Potatoes” session, which has featured Stages & Stereos (as seen here) and First Things First.


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The Promise Hero was one of the acts to perform at our 2013 “BSR Presents” concert. I developed the idea of having him walk around campus to play his originals and covers to attract interest to the show while a staff member handed out fliers for the event.

> > >
I co-developed an idea to spotlight locals on BSR’s homepage.
Each week, I shot, edited and posted the chosen artist’s interview
(which included acts such as  AgesBrittnie PriceThe Ohio Weather BandEnvoiBethesda and The Promise Hero
and a live performance--as shown here by Envoi's.

A commercial was also created as seen below
next to a general commercial for the station.

Footage was taken at various BSR sponsored concerts or ones where we interviewed the artist and edited into a "BSR LIVE" segment 



General Manager

A large portion of my focus–outside of ensuring the smooth function of the station–was on the web content of As a journalism major, I wanted to attract our listeners to other parts of our website including video interviews and reviews. I co-created and launched a Local Artist Spotlight segment, which appeared on our homepage, as well as designed and implemented an acorn rating system for all reviews (as seen below).


Program Director

Before I became program director, all requests to have guests and significant interviews were sent via email to the previous program, web content and marketing directors for approval and to post on the website and social media. Inboxes can get messy and things are sometimes missed, so I created a digital form so that I (as the program director), could keep track of every single non-DJ visitor and the web content and marketing directors could post about significant interviews with people such as local and national artists by viewing it all in one place in the backend of a form. DJs could access the form by going to, and a recent version of it can by clicking below.